Rebuilding SATV’s website.

SATV network room
SATV network room
SATV network facility

David Moisan, SATV’s IT Coordinator, talks about our website and why it had to be recreated:

In my time as IT Coordinator at SATV, we have rebuilt our physical facility several times, including our video and computer facilities.
Recently, we had to do the same with our website. Five years ago, I worked with our former staffer Casey to build our website.  Casey did a great job on the site.  Sadly, Casey left us for further adventures, and I was left with maintaining the website. At the time, we were going through a rebuild in our facility; in fact, we are continuously rebuilding, even as I write this, and the website fell through the cracks.

As well, in the five years since it was created, there were many changes in how people consume the web. We now use smartphones and tablets. We expect to see video right where we are at any time and in any place. Our site had become increasingly less relevant, and more fragile.  We had to change hosting plans and move the site;  I knew that we would have to build a new website soon.

Earlier this summer, in July, our hosting provider notified us that they had discovered a security breach in our website.  None of our member records were affected–we don’t even store member information online–but they took our site offline until we could have a plan for resolving this.

We have backups, and we thought this would be quick.  Not so.   The code, the themes and plugins that we used for our site was old and not supported.   It was also the same code the hackers targeted.  It was not possible to restore our website as it was.

The more I looked into this, the more I realized what a problem we had.  We had to rebuild almost from scratch.  We had to make a new website to modern standards, accessible to all devices, accessible to all people, especially people with disabilities.  We had to make a site that would integrate with our Video on Demand service.  We had to make a site we could quickly update to cover all the events, all the things that happen in Salem not only in October, but all year round.

We now have a website that will serve us in all those things.  Over the next months, I’m looking forward to improving the site to better serve the SATV community.

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